About Us

Mzuri Sweets Limited has been manufacturing Bubblegum and Candy since 1997. We take pride in producing high quality, affordable and delicious confectionery.

Located in Mtwapa on the Mombasa Malindi Road, Mzuri Sweets Limited started from humble beginnings with the aim of filling a gap in the confectionery industry. Our sights were set on producing the most delectable, and delightful products in the market.

Over the years we have grown not only in size, but also in experience, expertise and market reach – we now produce 10 times more than we did in the beginning.

From a workforce of 20, we now have a skilled workforce of 300 people. Today we produce gumballs, bubblegum, candy and lollipops, all under our signature brand, Mr. Berry’s.

The secret to our success is we do not compromise on quality. This belief in quality, at an affordable price has seen Mzuri Sweets Limited rise from modest origins to become a major player in the confectionery industry and over the years, Mr. Berry’s has made significant inroads into a market previously dominated by both foreign and local confectionery conglomerates.

Our vision is to make “Mr. Berry” the most loved confectionery brand in Africa